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Cafe and Cake and Michael Gira

I did sleep long. It was after 11 am until I got up and after 2pm until I finally left the house!!!
I walked over the Flea market and then strolled through the Kiez and the side streets, feeling like something naughty like CAKE.
Since my wheat intolerance seems to not exist in Germany, bakeries and cake displays have become overly attractive to me. To have all that I could not eat for so long! On the other hand I know its not really good for me and I try to stay away from sugar in general.
So I took a rather long walk, checking out options and visiting even a bakery where I bought an almond pastry ..... just in case for emergency.

In the end I went to a place I had never noticed before, close to the Marheineke Platz, which looked so lovely from outside.
I went to the right place!!! The owner, a lovely and lively lady, bakes everything herself. so wonderful cakes that in the end I could not resist and have 2 pieces. Mainly because I could not decide and secondly, because I was greedy!
The little cafe was becoming really busy. A lot of people only came in to take cake with them. The others squeezed in.
I think I have found the cake heaven in our neighbourhood! 
I managed both pieces and made my way home quite filled. 
I had a couple of hours in the flat before I had to leave to get to my concert. Michael Gira was playing at the Volksbühne. He is the head of the Swans, whose farewell concerts I went to in October. Micheal Gira solo is very different to the Swans. A man and a guitar. But he is brilliant!
Of course not for everyone :)
The support act however, was rather "challenging". If you want to know what I mean, check out here. But this time he had an electric guitar ....
I probably would not have managed to endure it, when the guy would not have ad such a sweet and humble personality ......
Michael Gira finished with this song, which I like a lot. It does sound different every time he performs it. This is an older recording from a similar solo tour. 
After the concert he was signing prints and selling his book of short stories. I got both and a copy of the book for Marcus, who could not be here. Gira is such a nice and pleasant person, its always a joy to speak to him.
I took the U-bahn home and was home just after 11pm, had some food (I was finally hungry after all the cake) and was in bed ..... guess ... at 2:30 am.

No gig photos as my bl**dy Nikon1 battery died! I had charged it in the afternoon, but the display was telling me, that the battery had reached the end of its life!!! ARGH!
Therefore a shot of the Cake Café Conni Island. Prettier than Michael Gira in any case :)
Extra: my cakes!

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