By ciorstain


Saturday (I am just not able to catch up!!!)
I was meeting Andi at 9:15 at Molinari's for breakfast. Well I was 10 min late, but Andi expected that. It was a short night for me. Life of a night owl is hard in the mornings, but I cannot go to bed early....
We had a lovely breakfast and a long catch up. He is so much better now and it looks like he is healing from the break-up. 
He has also given up to desperately look for a new woman in his life, which is also a good progress. I was very happy to see him so much better again.
After breakfast we walked over the flea market and he also accompanied me during my walk to Südstern Market and a coffee at the Kiezrösterei.
I think we parted only at 3 pm.

The rest of the afternoon I I spent in the Kiez. Visited Denise and did some shopping to take back to Glasgow. 
I fancied a relaxed night on the couch, but then got stuck in front of my laptop faffing about at Kickstarter and texting with Neil.
Needless to say that it was very late again until I finally went to bed.

Photo of the day is Andi. Much happier than here in October or here in July.

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