By ciorstain

Hidden Selfie

Friday was busy!!
I planned to get out at 12 pm but work was so busy that I only left the house after 2:30pm.
I took the U-Bahn to the Maybach Ufer and walked over the Türkenmarkt. Got a lovely galette at "Grumpy Galette" who was working alone and was quite busy. 
After that I walked to the Picture Framer we discovered in January when we were here last. I had packed the two limited edition, signed Swans poster prints. The shop is very Berlin and the owner Claire was very helpful.  We decided on frame, style, background and glass. They will look awesome! 
After I left the shop I decided to visit 19 Grams before going back home to work. It's a short journey and I enjoyed the coffees and chat with the girl (Karolina) working there. 
Then I finally travelled home and got back to work, more calls with Jack until it was time to get out again to visit my cousin Basti and his girlfriend Jenny in Schöneberg.
We had alcohol-free beers, unhealthy nibbles and chatted away until after 2 am. 
Took the U-bahn home and stayed up a bit longer .... so I was only in bed after 4 am.

Photo is taken on my way home from the afternoon trip. It's actually a selfie. Can you spot me? :)
Extra is at the picture framer - in the process of finding out what will work best for the prints.

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