Lunch with Andi and an unmotivated work day

My work motivation seems to go down every day. It was even more difficult to get up and started as yesterday.
I think it must be the stress of the last many months that is causing that. I really struggle. Luckily things are quiet and I still have everything under control. 
Andy arrived before the time (30 minutes) which is something I find difficult if not annoying. If I have agreed on lunch for 1 pm I do not expect the person to arrive at 12:30. I always work sharp to deadlines, that includes appointments, dates, flights .... everything.
At least I was dressed! :)
We went to Konfi for lunch. Now that I tasted it I could go there every day! We had lovely food and I took some further stuff from the counter to take home for later.
We chatted quite a while and only left the place at 3 pm. Me going back to work and Andi back home. It is a public holiday in Germany today. Sadly not for me, although I considered adopting it for me as well.
Back home I continued to work my to do list off and finished everything by 9:30 pm. Tomorrow I need to prepare for next weeks meeting in Bratislava.
I am glad I had no plans for the evening! A few quiet days will be good.
I hope for a bit more energy tomorrow!

Andi is still not back up after the separation from Dani. 
He wanted a nice photo for some dating sites, but he still looks so sad that it is impossible to get what he is aiming for. I feel for him.

My blip is the best I got from him today. I hope he will be feeling better soon and maybe meets a nice woman (without the need of dating sites).

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