I was a little better in getting up but not much. I am soooo tired, I think the cold is still not fully gone, because I really cannot blame lack of sleep anymore.
Workwise I got done what I wanted, I went duriing lunchtime for a walk through the drizzle to get some stuff at Aldi then returned back to work. Got more done and went out again at 7-ish to get some groceries, cleaning stuff, water some tights and a new lipstick, which meant hitting 4 different shops over the Kiez. I love that everything is so close by. Our flat is actually in the middle of everything, so I can drop stuff at home between shops without any hassle or loss of time.
I had to speak to Jack after OI returned to finish some things off, but that did not bother me.
All in all a good day apart from being so tired and having a sore head and throat.

My blip is taken on my way to Aldi. It's a deserted shop-front! I liked the sticker "Trottel" on it. 
Trottel in English means (I looked it up) : duffer, fool, gawk, twit, moron, dumbass .... and so many more .... check it out here if you want .... I never expected so many words for "Trottel" !!

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