We both surfaced rather late but still before midday!
After a few slow coffees we came to live.
Marcus was leaving today. His train was at 6:30 pm.
We went for a late breakfast to Knofi. It is a Turkish place with amazing food. It's a place I always wanted to go to, but Neil would starve there.
So I thought it was a great opportunity to go there with Marcus. 
We had lovely food of stuffed aubergines, feta cheese, salad, pastes, olives and so on! Truly amazing and I will be back there!
Look at the extra for the variety just at the counter!
After the food we went home and Marcus got ready to leave.
I walked him to the U-Bahn and then decided that I could actually bring him to the station. This time he got the train :). Last year we did manage to miss his flight as we were enjoying lunch too much at Hanoi Bike shop and then got caught by a traffic jam ......
After Marcus was safely in the train, I went back home and started bringing the flat in its normal state, moved back from the living room into the bedroom, got some washing and shopping done, returned empty bottles etc.
It was a fantastic few days with my best friend and some awesome experiences. It was intense as always, but we have to fit in a lot as we do not see each other often. It is always amazing how great we get on and how natural it is, even when we have not seen each other for years. But we decided that we will continue having a few days every year now. Life is too short to not spend time with your best friends.

The blip shows Knofi - just beside Umami!
Extra is what it looks inside!

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