Friday .... Umami and Swans again!

Struggling with too little sleep these days, but thankfully it is Friday!
I had well caught up with work and made it through the early morning call. 
Marcus and I had breakfast at lunch time and he decided to do nothing and locked himself into the bedroom so that I could work in peace. 
My last call was at 3 pm and after a further catch up with Jack I called it a day. I just wanted to get out and have some fresh air and we also had planned early dinner before the concert.
We went for a short walk and then were lucky to get a table at the Umami restaurant! The food was as always delicious! It is such a lovely and busy place. The staff is extremely well organised and its always amazing how they manage everything without a struggle.
After the food we had a quick coffee at Cuccuma and then went home to get ready for the concert.
It was again at the Berghain, so again no photos or videos. This nights concert did top the one the night before!!! Wow - what an experience again. We were both blown away from the almost 3 hours!
After the concert we stayed on a bit and talked to people.  The young guy who was standing beside us was totally overwhelmed. Marcus and I could well show off that we had seen Swans already in the 80ies .... unfortunately also showing off our age ... haha! (He said: Oh at that time I was not even a wet dream ! :))
The atmosphere was so friendly in this venue, which is one of the most famous night clubs in Berlin with queuing times of several hours!
I managed to again get that last poster and had it signed by Michael Gira. I thanked him for the concert and expressed my sadness, that this is the last tour of the Swans. He told me, that they will continue, but that they will change. Let's see what he comes up with! Cannot wait!
I then tried to get the other band members to sign the poster, but none had a pen!! What a shame - I really have to make sure never ever go to a concert again without a pen in the bag!
We then walked to the U-Bahn, passing the crowd queuing to get into the Club. The Saturday Berghain Klubnight goes non-stop until Monday morning! Some people queue over 3 hours just to get sent away. 
I will need to try one day :)
We took the U-Bahn home and continued talking and listening to music until 5:30 am. We still were on a high after this brilliant concert, which will be the last one for this era of the Swans.
What a brilliant night .... and no alarm in the morning :)

The photo is taken at Umami. Marcus browsing the menu.  

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