By ciorstain

Swans Concert at Berghain

Oh my god was I tired. I almost slept in but managed to be in time for my morning calls.
Marcus, the lucky one only surfaced at noon time.
We had some breakfast together before he went out.
I had a quick stroll through the Kiez before I had to head back to my work.
Still a lot of annoying stuff going on but I am coping.
Marcus was back at 6-ish and we prepared to get out to Swans at the Berghain Panorama Bar.
We arrived at the venue at 8:30 and met promptly some band members outside their tour bus.
Swans are more a physical experience. They play extreemly loud. And the songs are long!!! Usually they manage to pack 4 pieces in a 3 hour concert!! This time the first song was 50 minutes. Number two was a quickie of only 10 minuted. Followed by another 2 50 minutes pieces. 
The sound is usually brilliant and you can feel the music all over your body. It is like being covered and touched by sound.
Definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed it.
After the concert Marcus headed out and I talked to a few people that were handling around. On the way out the head of the band was talking to fans and was signing merchandise. I bought a poster and got it signed. Despite having seen Swans already a few times, first time about 30 years ago (different combo at that time) I actually never talked to Michael. On stage he does appear more a inaccessible guy, but he was super nice to everyone. I told him that I had seen them already in the 80ies and he said I must have been 10 at the time. Haha :). Still made my day - plus the concert of course!
When we finally got out it was way after midnight and we missed the last U-Bahn to get home. I looked for a Drive Now and after a short walk we found a car and I drove us home.
Again we sat up for longer than planned ....... 

This is Marcus. Only photo I took. 
At the Berghain photography is not allowed. Therefore no gig photos unfortunately.

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