Sunday and Fischer-Z - reposted with correct date

I slept long!!! Plus the additional hour.
Weather was dreadful all morning and I decided just to stay in and start catching up with my photo editing for Chiara.
I was not very productive though.
The last few days were wonderful and exhausting!

I went for a quick walk in the early evening to check the temperature. It is getting really cold here in Berlin.
When I was back it was almost time to get ready for the next gig: Fischer-Z!!
After my re-discovery of the band in June in Glasgow (see here) I immediately got tickets for Berlin.
The venue is in walking distance and I set off at 8 pm with my old vinyl record in the bag!
The concert was fabulous and John Watts rocks as ever.
It was a smallish venue but it was busy. All people were happy!
After the concert I stayed on as I wanted my record signed.
John Watts is a very approachable guy and I waited until the crowd was through.
He did remember me from the Glasgow Gig! Never expected that. See what he wrote on my record in the extra :).
I also asked him if I could take my proper camera to the next Glasgow gig and he said of course but I should message them before. (Happy girl!)
The other extra is a phone shot of star and "groupie" hahahahaha!!!
What a lovely night!
I chatted with a few more people before I walked home.
I did not manage to go to bed early though.

Blip today:  John Watts - Fischer-Z
my signed record, 
John Watts and I 

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