Monday and another Concert

I really did not want to get up in the morning but made it to my laptop at 9 ish. I am on top of things actually but I still feel tired in the mornings and getting up is hard.
I went out a lunchtime and took the U-bahn to the Turkish Market, actually to get a galette for lunch. The market was deserted! It is a public holiday tomorrow and the market was put on Monday. Apparently a lot of the sellers decided to take a day off and did not appear. Including Grumpy Galette!! I had some a plate of Turkish food from a stall were Turkish mamas were cooking. It was lovely. Although it was quite cold and sitting having food outside was chilly. I went for a quick coffee at Kaffee Pur before I headed back home. I got some eggs in the Markthalle and returned back to work.
After a few calls and getting stuff done it was again time to get ready for another gig: Angus and Julia Stone.
The concert was sold out and by the looks of it even oversold!!! 
It was packed!! I was not to late but it was pretty impossible to find a good spot where I could see anything.
I went upstairs, which was even worse. 
I had a chat with one of the security guards (Micha) which turned out being great fun. In the 80ies we went to the same clubs in Berlin. Both our favourite was the Linientreu!
He a Berliner and I only an occasional visitor. 
This was shortening the waiting time until the band started just after 9 pm.
I found a spot at the side where I could see an occasional glimpse of the siblings. It was a pleasing concert but I think they are going a bit commercial now.
No photos as they took my small Nikon off me this time. But it was far too full to get a picture anyways.
After the concert I chatted with another person, Stefan I think before we all get out in the cold to get home.
I got my camera back of course :)

No concert blip today but instead a photo booth impression!
I am so glad I snapped this when I walked by. Made me laugh so much :) 

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