By ciorstain

Not as planned .....

Another short night but managed to be at my desk before 9 am to do a few urgent things.
I told Jack, that I would take it easy until Marcus had left for the airport in the afternoon and then do an evening shift. He was easy with that.
So I finished before midday and Marcus and I walked to the Westend to get some goodies for his family and grab some lunch.
Bus was leaving to Edinburgh airport at 3:15 pm.
Marcus wanted to go back to the Hanoi Bike shop as he loved it so much last night. So we went there again for lunch. And it was soooo good! I could move in there!
While waiting for the food I decided to drive Marcus to the airport, as we still had so much to talk about and this would give us some more time.
This was well received and we decided on a departure time at 3:45 pm.
We relaxed, talked and worked ourselves through all the lovely food on our table. Once Marcus had finished his Pho (doing that with chopsticks is not so easy) we paid and dashed off. Half way home I realised I had left my mobile in the restaurant! We walked back again picked up the phone meaning now we were cutting it a bit short. We rushed back to the house, grabbed the bags and jumped into the car that needed fuelling! I thought I would take a back road to Maryhill Road, and we got stuck behind a truck that blocked the whole street to unload! Not what we needed as we lost another 10 minutes!
We fuelled the car in teamwork and got on the road. when we reached the motorway I had to catch up 10 minutes already. I thought well, I can do that, but then the motorway was jammed and we were stuck again!
We finally arrived at Edinburgh airport after boarding had started already. Praying for the best Marcus jumped out directly to security and I started driving circles around the airport until I would find out if he got on or not!
Unsurprisingly he didn't! Not so good :(!
I collected the man and the bag again and drove to the bridges in South Queensferry for a coffee (me) and a beer (him) to make a new plan!
He phoned home and Katja his wife was not too amused. 
I felt extremely guilty, but Marcus was easy and said we both had dwadled and that was nothing new in his view.
Well - we drove back to Glasgow and booked a new flight for him leaving now on Thursday noontime. It was EXPENSIVE .....! Luckily he had the Thursday off anyways, so no issues with work at least.
I of course did not get back to work in the evening, but did a quick check and things were calm.
Right! So finally we ended up back where we were the evening before, sitting in the kitchen with a drink and talking until after 2 am again.

The picture is in the Hanoi Bike shop (new lens again) when everything was still (too) relaxed and honky dory :)

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