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David ............. and a very busy day

Still behind .... this is for Tuesday!

I had a meeting arranged with David, a photographer (actually from London) who I met via Instagram at 9:30am.
Not really the best time for me to meet as mornings are busy at work, but it was the only opportunity this time.
We met at the French place in the Markthalle and we got on brilliantly! 2.5 hours (!!!!!) later we finally split and I rushed back to my desk!
Work is a bit frantic these days, too much going on and no good stuff!!
It did seem to be my socialising day as Dani dropped by at 4 pm for a "quick" coffee to say hello and catch up. 2 hours (!!!!) later I managed to compliment her out, as Jack was already getting nervous not getting hold of me. I would have gladly continued chatting, but  had only scheduled an hour for her and had still so much to do!
After talking to Jack, Werner, my neighbour started texting. We had planned to go out for a quick dinner at a "gourmet" burger place I had made out.
I was feeling seriously stressed but was ready to leave at 7:30 pm and Werner and I took the U-Bahn to Hermannplatz in Neukölln.
We found the place, called "Outbreak Food" and I had to grab a beer to calm down. (I never drink beer!) We had wonderful burgers, made from high quality lamb meat, ver unusual with green beans wrapped in bacon, Irish cheddar and home made sauces and sweet potato fries. It was delicious. It is a very small place and the owner is actually a proper trained chef. We chatted for a couple of hours with one of the guests and the owner and left after 11pm to travel back home. It was good food and a good evening, although I think Werner and I did not really have had our own conversation ;)

Back home I started packing and answered a few more emails.
I am leaving tomorrow and need to work until I leave to catch up.

My blip shows David, the photographer!

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