More experiments

I'm not sure how I've led myself down this path when I was moving towards creating more abstract images with the gelli-plate!    I've added colour today, but still feel it needs more.  It's quite complicated thinking about the masking of the layers and I'm not sure it the way forward.  Some lovely colours today though.  What I'm wondering is if I can use the tree shapes in a much more random and abstract way to build up pattern - maybe less thinking it through and more serendipity might create something of interest.

I've been bakery shopping this afternoon and also visited the Crown decorators shop for paint.  I'm hoping Merv is going to fill cracks and paint the room tomorrow.  Meanwhile I'm expecting to go across to Mum's house to do some last minute gathering and finishing off.  We are hoping to `complete' the sale on Friday, which I think will be both sad and a welcome relief.

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