Soft landing

Taz loves to sit on the kitchen table especially on the newspapers and have his ears stroked. This is most unhygienic and I suspect it’s a habit he acquired with his first owner, a young man who lived alone, who may have had quite different standards. Whatever.
That life came to an abrupt end some four years ago.
For the young man acquired a girlfriend with a six year odl child who loved to pull his tail. Oh yes, they didn’t like the way he brought animals, often alive, into the house.
So he was unceremoniously despatched at 11 years of age into our local cat shelter.
He had been there for over three months when I walked in one day and heard this most awful meowing.  He was desperate to get out.
Well, I like to think he landed on his feet here- after all not too many people would be keen to take on a stroppy 11 year old neutered male cat who still had a very aggressive streak in him and loved to hunt.

Pets was a great mono monday challenge. Thanks for organising it.

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