a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Pet Guitar?

Mono Monday: Pet Guitar?

I am at more than a bit of a disadvantage with this week's Mono Monday Challenge on the theme of "Pets" as we have none.  But I guess people love their pets so here is a shot of me playing my black telecaster, the guitar that I seem to love most of all (just at the moment). 

I say just at the moment, because like many guitarists I can be fickle in my affections:  previous favourites being passed over when a new one comes along.  Having said that, I am a serial monogamist.  Once I have a favourite I don't tend to dally with any of the others :-).  

This black telecaster has been uppermost in my affections for a couple of years now, and the more I play "her" the more I come to love her.  There is no guitar out there in the wider world that I can imagine replacing her with.  There is though a very nice blonde stratocaster in its case just behind me that sings its own siren song and that I would never part with ...

I had fun taking this.  I carefully set up the camera on a tripod, worked out where the focal plane would be, and then took the shots using a remote.  It took a little bit of time to work out how to get the lighting to work so that it would look the way that I saw it in my mind, but this was the first of the four shots taken.

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