Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A damp iris

Murdoch and I had an enjoyable walk noticing all the new spring flowers that have come up - I swear he does notice them as he tends to lift his leg when ever we come across a new clump of flowers coming up! My neighbour has some pretty flowers planted outside their property next to the grassy pavement, and today I noticed these miniature irises - they are only about 4 inches high so I thought they would do nicely for the Tiny Tuesday challenge.

I then went to Kingston as I had a few things to get, including a birthday present for a friend. I managed to get all the things on my list without straying to look at clothing or shoes or anything else for me!

I made a few phone calls to organise Luke's 21st party. He is having it in July (although his birthday is in March but it is too close to exams then) and instead of having it at a venue as originally planned, we are now going to have it at home so I found a good caterer today and she suggested a good marquee company so progress is being made.

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