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By Chamaeleo

Windsor: "I'll Take You All On!"

More confrontational in large.
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The sun was out at lunchtime, so I ambled along to Windsor to photograph the birds! I had such fun, although others (both canid and children) were almost as excited as I was... The swans at Windsor are very used to the visitors (many of whom have/could be food) and calm around people, and some people find them confusingly tame, although there was a fair amount of swanny squabbling: the larger individuals would get het up and bristle, before lashing out at others, sending families fleeing and other swans scampering.

There were a lot of tourists swanning about too. I had the macro lens mounted, and enjoyed trying to get close-up portraits (some very close) capturing the detail of their feathery faces and light in their eyes, as well as getting further away for full spreadsgroup shots with people (inc. "The Usual Suspects"), and swans flapping and shaking dry.

My swan and tourist shots can all be seen on Flickr (right from this curvy couple).

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