... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: Bio-mimesis

Taller and mightier in large?

I had fun photographing the swans in the rather strange light: it was mostly dark and overcast, but the sun emerged(ish) briefly at one point for a bit of contrast.
I had the macro lens mounted, so got some close-up portraits (inc. high key and dribbly), as well as close-up contrasty preening pics.
There was quite a bit of action: the swans are getting broody and pairing up (/competing), so there was dramatic posturing, some conflict, and quite a bit of primping and preening.

Others on Flickr here (or right from this droplet-beaded macro portrait).
Amusing alternatives:
Preening Pilates
Photobomb flapping
Shaking after preening

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