Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

A wall of cat food.  The only picture I took today.  My view in the waiting area as Doyle was having a blood draw at the clinic.  The wall of food continues on the right but didn't fit into the frame.  The cat portrait on the food packaging looks just like Doyle.

The vet called me this afternoon to check in on Doyle and said he'd like to look at her levels again as they'd dropped when I took her in yesterday.  He's such a nice doctor, clearly adores animals and has a good sense of humor.  When I think about it, every DVM I've had to deal with over the years has been lovely.  Is there something about being a DVM that makes them more humane? I've never had this level of care and involvement from people doctors.

Happily, D's levels have gone up to 3.3 (still low, but enough), her blood pressure has improved too, so it seems the hbp meds I've been trying to administer by any means possible are actually getting into her system.  I asked for some empty syringes because I've decided the only way I can get the potassium supplement into her is to create a solution that I can squirt into the corner of her mouth, all other attempts have failed.  She was given another subcutaneous load of electrolytes before we headed out for home.

In between this I have been patching holes in walls around the house where the pictures were removed and doing other patchwork beautification stuff.  Hubby meanwhile has been unpacking our household things in California in between his meetings and presentations.

Comments back on, I'll try my best to check in. x

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