Quirky 500

It's not a Quirky 500 of course, it's a Fiat 500 but with a bit of a twist.
I went out to take a photo and because of the angle I thought it had a little smirk on it's face so I accentuated that with a twist in the 'Edit' of the photo.
My MX-5 went in for service and MOT on Monday morning. Some problems e.g. front brake binding needs new caliper, disk, pads etc. Rear tyres are all cracked on the inside so you can see the cord (won't buy Avon's again, I'll stick to my normal Bridgestone even if they are more expensive).
So, it's going to be very expensive plus they didn't get the parts in until this morning. The other thing that happened this morning is I took the Alto into my very friendly local garage for MOT (123 Car & Commercial, Gloucester) but that has a problem with the rear brakes not pulling in sync!! So we are going to be left without a car. 
I had a word with the Mazda dealer in Cheltenham who, to be fair to them, broke the rules to get me a courtesy car to our house. They said they can't normally give a courtesy car without seeing my licence but the manager said she could take the details over the phone. She also said it would be a Fiat 500 but I always think they look quite cute!

BIG SHOCK - When I was asked for the expiry date of my licence I told her 19 November 2018 ! Can't believe that the day after this I'll be 70 and will have to apply for a new licence. My first licence was issued, after I'd passed my test, at High Wycombe, 1966. Seems an awfully long time ago.

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