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By Chamaeleo

Eton College NHM: Artefact Collection

Edgier in large.

Eton's NHM has a small anthropology collection, "collected" by the explorer Robert Hanbury-Tenison OBE when he visited various indigenous, tribal, or uncontacted peoples of the world. The collection includes photographs, ceramics, jewellery, clothing, and a lot of weaponry (inc. parangs, an Indian marble bow, and these African blades). It is a small collection, but many of the exhibits seem special (and personal) and the associated stories and information is interesting; it certainly increases the range of exhibits in the little NHM substantially.

According to the sign in the cabinets:

"Old Etonian Robin Hanbury-Tenison has been described as the doyen of British explorers by The Spectator. In 1982, The Sunday Times named him as "the greatest explorer of the last twenty years". He has been on over 30 expeditions and led the Royal Geographical Society's largest ever expedition. This took 115 scientists to study the rain forests of Sarawak, so highlighting international concern for tropical rainforests.

He photographed and collected objects from remote tribal people. The objects on display were given as generous gestures of friendship by many of thosse he met on his travels.

As a champion of the rights of indigenous peoples, Robin is a Founder and President of Survival International, one of the world's leading oragnisations supporting tribal peoples. The organisation was set up in 1969 in order to help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.

This collection was kindly donated in 2013."

I've also uploaded an extra: a quiet couple enjoying the riverside restaurant where I met a friend this evening.

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