... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Cayuga Coils

Slicker streamers in large.

Gawd... My New Year's resolution was going to be to upload just one photo a day... FAIL

I was going to blip a tulip (old or fresh and frilly), but then the sun came out so I went to see Mr. at Eagle Pond.
Mr. was hiding on the island (meh), so I went to see the curious Cayuga on Mount Pond; it was washing in the sunshine so I got lots of fun pictures, inc. several series (right from splashing, flapping in the water, flapping on the path, shaking).
THEN a mother and child appeared with food for the birds (frozen peas and sweetcorn), which led to a fun feeding frenzy (right from here).

Today's other photos are on Flickr here (tulips right from here; birds right from this pretty little Impostle).

Black-headed gulls: diving its head  for a pea
Impostle landing for the feeding frenzy
Cayuga: slick, leaving the frame, shedding water, flapping on the path, path poser

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