In the Beginning

Started a new painting today in open studio. The extra is the photo the new painting is based on. It will be part of my "Light and Shadow" series and is another light washed interior of our house with Mehitabel in a prominent pose. 

I had a great time with my friends. Helen, Erin, Nancy, Carole, Carolyn, Pat and I were there. Several of us turned in paintings for the show that goes up at the Colophon Cafe the first of March. It is about the artist Jacob Lawrence. The challenge was to come up with a painting that somehow reflected the work of Lawrence. Quite frankly, mine didn't really do that. It was the latest of my jay photos. I like it, and it does reflect the dynamics of the jays in action. But not necessarily ala Jacob Lawrence. But the way my life has been going Trish was very relaxed about that fact. I am also bringing in a second painting for the show that I did before the challenge. To me it is much closer to Lawrence's style. If you come to see the show you can see which you think is more similar to his work.

After class I went to visit Arvin. I took two portraits I did of his daughters and we hung them on his wall. He liked that. We ate dinner with two ladies and spent quite a bit of our time chuckling and talking. That was nice. I do admit that I did most of the conversation instigating. But no matter. All four of us enjoyed ourselves.

After dinner I stayed about a half hour more and then I headed home. I was quite tired by that time. It was a good day. Hope yours is/was too.

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