Picture this..

By northernlass261


Another dull day, warmer but still windy.

The wind yesterday brought the Sahara dust with it, the balcony covered in fine red sand.   A quick sweep up to make it safe to walk on!

An early appointment in Roquetas so missed breakfast, so a treat - breakfast out!   Not something we do often, but of the times we eat out it is one of the best I like.   A simple half baquette (small) with fresh chopped tomato with Olive Oil, salt and pepper, plus a great coffee.   A staple breakfast in Spain.

It has been our Bowls Club AGM today and everything went smoothly, the Accounts were agreed and the incumbent Committee re-elected.   A new long term project was announced so quite a good deal of work to undertake this year.

So hopefully I will be back to blipping more regularly now (once the Minutes have been done).

Glad you are all safe after Doris has blown through.

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