Helena Handbasket

By Tivoli

39.177337, 23.613531

Stepping further into the realms of weirdness now and I hope not to offend anyone here.
Once a private family church but now adopted by the village, this is the church of Panagia Faneromeni. Pan means all and agia is the feminine form of agios which means holy. Panagia therefore means BVM mother of God. Faneromeni means revealed and so I have been asking around to find out whether there has ever been a Marian apparition in Glossa. People were kind and did not laugh out loud but the answer to that one is no, there has not been a recorded visitation by the BVM in Glossa village, despite her being our patron saint and all (not Reg). So I had to ask what the revealed was all about and that's where the weirdness started.
“You know when you take a pie to church?”
“Ummm, no”
Whether this is normal Greek Orthodoxy or a Glossan variant I know not but apparently you can take a pie to church and then the BVM will find your lost car keys (or whatever else you may have mislaid) for you. I had no idea she ran a lost property office but apparently so.

There is also, I learned, a BVM with three hands, but not in our village.

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