Palette Princesses

Silly name for a great group of gals! Today my painting lady book club met at Giuseppe's Restaurant in Bellingham. Erin, the gal on the right, was the hostess for this month's meeting. Since she lives in a tiny space, we met at the restaurant instead of her house. We had a room to ourselves and Giuseppe himself came in several times to talk and joke with us. We had a great deal of fun. This is only part of the group. On the left are Helen and Sue. On the right, from the right, are Erin, Pat, Lynn and Nancy. 

Today was a day of eating. I am sure the scales will let me know all about it tomorrow. When I woke I saw that the world was white with a dusting of snow. I had to quickly dress and go out with my camera. I got some good photos and will post some on Flickr tomorrow. When I got home I was hungry so I had a hot cereal breakfast. That was at 10 o'clock.

At noon I met the ladies at Giuseppe's and though I planned to eat light, they had a special lunch I could not resist. So I had butternut squash ravioli with shrimp and mussels for lunch. I took home about half in a box but still... I ate more than I needed. And I scarfed down a very delicious chocolate desert too.

Fast forward to this evening. My friend Carroll picked me up and we went to a mutual friend's home where we had dinner. Did I eat light? Not a bit of it. The food was yummy and I had more than I needed. Then all five of us went to a fantastic concert at at the Mt Baker Theater. It was the International Guitar Night concert and it was really wonderful. I loved every minute. Carroll drove me home and now it is past midnight and I need to head off to bed. Helena visited Arvin today. I didn't. No time.

Oh and one other little thing.... I booked a trip for myself to Africa for summer 2018 with Overseas Adventure Travel. Pretty exciting! I have wanted to go there for a very long time.

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