Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A NIce Hotel

I set off for Oxfordshire at 8.45m. I picked up The Mate at 9am. A pleasant journey until Charnock Richard where we needed a bit of help! A detour to Leyland, two cups of coffee, 4 fan belts and 3 hours later and we were on our way again!

15 days ago I had a problem and got it fixed by my garage. Today I pulled into the service station and realised I had no power steering! A call to the RAC resulted in the discovery that my AC was seized up so the belt had worn itself out on that bit of its circuit.

The solution was to by-pass that pulley in order to let us complete our journey, it just took a while to order the right non-standard size belt. Anyhow, we got sorted and on our way so we got to our destination by 7.30pm.

10 and a half hours!

This is the Italian garden at the dead of night 9.41pm.

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