A Rude Gesture

I met a lovely couple in a hide last Sunday at the Blue House Farm, Essex Wildlife Trust, Brent Goose Day. They suggested that I should visit the EWT Two Tree Island at Leigh, near Southend-on-Sea. The weather wasn't great but I enjoyed exploring the reserve today.

After one circuit of the island I sat in the car and was enjoying a coffee from the wildlife themed flask that my daughter bought for me. A pristine Jaguar rolled up and parked in a prime position for the Thames estuary view. A backseat passenger opened the window and first poured the contents of a bottle down the flanks of the Jag, he then tossed the empty bottle on the ground and threw out the lid. Shortly afterwards he threw another bottle forcefully out of the window so that it landed on the other side of the vehicle.

I was incensed. I jumped out of my car, grabbed the first bottle and went to the young driver's window. He opened it, I said, "I think you've dropped something" and gave him the bottle. He protested that it wasn't his but I gave him a lecture about despoiling the countryside. A young woman was simpering in the front passenger seat and the actual litter lout laughing in the back. The interior of the car was spotless cream leather. I walked round and picked up the other bottle but couldn't get them to open the window again. As I walked back to my car with it the Jaguar left at high speed, bouncing over the ruts and kicking up gravel. I didn't realise that the driver had gestured rudely at me until I looked at my pics. I hope I've at least made them think. I abhor littering. I've noticed that some of the worst offenders have the tidiest motors.

Two Tree Island is curlew heaven. :)

Today's poem is Turn On Your Side And Bear The Day To Me by George Barker http://www.artofeurope.com/barker/bar4.htm

I don't get it, it's a bit overblown for my simple taste. When I read "borealis of your eye" "iceberg secrets" and "midnight prizes" I started to turn off. I know nothing of the significance of water nymphs. I blame Elizabeth Smart. :)

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