Life with Alice

By elirin

Finders Keepers

It wasn't exactly sunny, a few raindrops in the air even, but we headed to one of my favourite forests for walkies. The Dog club with its agility field was sleeping its beauty winter sleep. The two small bird lakes were still drained, but at least four swans had already arrived. Two of them did a menacing kind of dance with lots of howling trying to keep a third swan who was circling above them from landing. Weird, swans.

As soon as we got into the forest, I saw something interesting on the forest trail. It was a rubber duck, or rather half a rubber duck, obviously chewed on and then left by another dog. I love rubber things, so I picked it up and carried it with me. Mum said it was disgusting and who knows how longs it's been lying here. But she didn't take it from me.

I made it my priority to get the duck safely back to the car, which was kilometres away.i did jump rocks and play hide-and-seek, but the duck was number one. When we got back, mum tricked me into leaving it. I think it is now in decontamination. Totally unnecessary, but I still have hopes of getting it back...

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