Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Bob's Boat

Gavin and I woke up at 5am - we were still on UK time - and so as soon as it was light at 6am we went for a walk. St Lucia is quite an unsophisticated island, and we had an interesting walk where we we followed by a few stray dogs and had to be careful to stick to the non existent pavement as the early morning traffic came zooming past. We walked past this little fishing boat which I thought was very charming. I have added some extra images, one of island life and one of the beach at Rodney Bay.

After breakfast we set sail for Martinique - 'it's only a 3 hour sail with water that is not too choppy' was actually a 5 hour sail in horrendously turbulent waters, winds of up to 30 knots an hour that had the boat pitching and rolling and me holding on feeling as seasick as can be. I hated every minute of it! By the time we arrived the nausea was abating but I had such a headache and still felt awful. 

Martinique is a pretty island, quite charming and very French - euros are used here and everyone speaks French. It was not too hot and very windy all day. The marina is huge and there are many boats here, but the ablution facilities are not quite up to scratch.

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