Carnaval in Caravelas - Day 1

Normally, we stay put during Carnaval. It's a very loud and crowded period with lots of drunk people on the streets, but this year we decided to spend two days in Caravelas, a small coastal town (the second Portuguese settlement on Brazilian ground, founded in the very beginning of the 16th century). We'd heard that their town wasn't flooded by tourists during Carnaval and that their way of enjoying themselves was more intimate. 
When we got there, the entire town, it seemed, was on the streets, sitting in front of their houses, the kids (and some adults) were dancing in the streets, the older folks were sitting in front of their houses. People invited us in, offered food and drinks, and even asked me to photograph them (see extras here). We went to bed long after midnight, and tonight will be the parade, when the towns two samba schools will compete for the trophies for best music, best costumes, best dancing etc. 
We felt absolutely safe, I didn't have to hide my camera fearing that it would be robbed, hospitality was fantastic. Open doors everywhere.
I'm so glad this is the last day of the mono month challenge. There will be a lot of colors to blip tomorrow!

MMC17 Last Day!

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