The Pancake Battle Of Maldon

Thanks to Maldon Council, Point Graphics and pancake providers, The OAKhouse Bar, the pancake race at Maldon was a great success. The last one I went to, in a town local to me, was a shambles.

The runners had to race around All Saints church twice. My pic shows a pancake on the railings incident, I think the guy on the left went on to come third in the series. I'm all for keeping up our British traditions. 

I had a little walk at Heybridge Basin beforehand and got a kestrel just before it stooped on a vole and then a pair of oystercatchers. (Extras) I wonder if they are the longstanding couple that I've photographed here before? They're at the wrong angle for me to see the fleck of white in the dark neck plumage of one of them.

Today's poem is Toad by Norman MacCaig.

I love this. Won't be able to look at a toad and not think of a purse or a sumo wrestler now. :) I like the sound of NMacC. He said, "I am a happy man and most of my poems are about praising things." 

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