Snow Goose

We woke to a snowy blanket. The ducks were standing on the snow covered ice on the lake and took off en masse when I appeared. That is apart from one very smug looking female mallard and the white drake that I saw the other day. From now on he's Snowy. :) The four Canada geese that have returned to the lake also took to the air, which is unusual for them.

I braved the snowstorms and spindrift this afternoon at Lodge farm. A little meadow pipit landed on the track just in front of me looking very vulnerable. Kes was extra bold and perched on the gable of the farmhouse. I disturbed a small herd of fallow deer sheltering under the lee of a hedge. (Extras)

As I walked up to our back door a peewit (lapwing) took off with a distinctive cry from the lawn. It's the first time I have seen one in the garden since I moved here in 1970. This weather system has caused some strange animal behaviour. A flock of starlings caused a roadblock in Norfolk.

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