Baby Watch

So.....pretty normal Friday around started to snow HUGE flakes on the way into town in the morning.  I mean HUGE flakes.  I didn't even know snow was expected.  What a happy surprise for the children.  Morning recess at school was pretty exciting.  The snow didn't really stick, but it really made most people pretty happy.  It was all gone by the end of the school day, but it was chilly out.  So, Sugar didn't feel like swimming after school.  She was delivered by a friend to my work.  I finished up some tasks, and then we left. We had a few errands before heading home.  

I finally gave in to the whole "April the Giraffe giving birth ANY MINUTE" live feed chaos on Facebook, and we watched that Giraffe.....NOT give birth most of the evening.  We crocheted and watched some TV as well, but man...I wanted that Giraffe to have her baby.  

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