Millbrook Monochrome: Into the Light

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." - Aaron Rose.

It was a seriously outstanding morning, with some of the best light I can remember. I took advantage of the good light by stopping by Millbrook Marsh, one of my favorite local photo destinations. A visit to woods and waters always makes any day brighter; and best of all, to start a day that way . . .

My footsteps upon the boardwalk were happy ones. The light caressed every surface, cast dark shadows that made my heart sing. It turned every simple, ordinary, everyday object into something beautiful. The camera felt like magic in my hands. Oh, to be loved by the light; to love it back.

The light and shadows begged for monochrome, to show it best. And so that's what I used, mostly. I photographed the bends in the boardwalk (see the extras), the benches, the trees, the observation platform by the water, even a girl in a black coat and white hat who stumbled unwittingly into my photo shoot; in pure black and white, all were beautiful.

As I was getting ready to leave the marsh, I spotted just one more photo op. Beside the one old building, some wooden pallets were stacked, and up on top of them was a roll of what looked like chicken wire. They were casting weird shadows in the bright, direct light.

My eye caught sight of shadows, and of course, I was toast. You know me: I had to bend down and I crawled underneath it, and I took this photo looking back up into the light. Yes, even wooden slats and chicken wire can become beautiful, in the right light. So there is hope for us all, yet!  :-)

Can you believe I've never used this song before on Blip? Stevie Wonder, with You Are the Sunshine of My Life.

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