Nothing Beats Concrete Streets...

I wonder if these two Canadian geese are testing that theory that concrete streets are better than asphalt....They were resting in the middle of the street until a truck needed to go by.. After a few air horn toots they both got up and just waddled to another place on the street.. This is a slogan from the industry.. 

Great day at work overall but I had to scratch my head over a company policy I didn't know of.. It has to do about taking my lunch break. The company has hourly and paid by the load employees. The laws are different so to simplify legal compliance they just say take your lunch between the 4th and 6th hour.. Well I never know what I am doing. and being in construction things change all the time.. So being the person I am I asked.. "Because of this policy if I am going to be late to a customer that is fine because I COULD have legally taken my lunch earlier and been on time". After a wide smile from my boss I was told "YES".. 

Going on a road trip again tomorrow.. 

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