Colour Month Challenge is an opportunity to explore colours in photography. I did some experiments last month in mono, and I enjoyed it a lot. However, it seems (to me) much more difficult to produce nice effects  in colour. This is my first experiment in colours that I like.
Here I have tried to document the traces that 4 seconds of moving lights leave on my brain shortly before sunrise.

(little_miss just realized that a blip a day is not an easy thing to do and had to backblip for the first time. She was so busy yesterday that she found time to photograph but had not even a minute to sit down and instruct her secretary on what to write. And now she's also telling me to ask you to forgive her for not answering to every comment. She makes me translate every one of them and every one of them makes her very happy. 
I am very happy with how this is going for her. She takes her daily sessions of photography very seriously and enjoys every star and heart she gets, but she doesn't keep counting them. Blipping is just another fascinating aspect of her adventurous life.) 

CMC17 Day #4

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