... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Natural Bread Company: MY Cinnamon Bun

More satisfying in large.
Last NBC Saturday start for a while... *Sigh* I had a splendid time, and my Saturday certainly started more convivially and casually than this line-up.

The bread was stacked high and very neatly; the pastries were already flying off the counter (I photographed a series of serving "Yoink shots": Pain au Beurre Salé, another Cinnamon Bun, a speeding Pain aux Raisins, a disappearing Granola Bar); the baked goods were positively glowing
All of a sudden I was struck by how mollusc-like many of the pastries look: terrestrial pain aux raisins, and some sort of marine pain au chocolat perhaps? Simple spiral associations presumably.

My other NBC shots from this morning are right from this adorable burrow of breadgehogs.

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