... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wandsworth Common: V-2*

More transporting in large.
*Downbeat follow-up to ICBS?

I spent hours at Wandsworth Common this morning: a refreshing change of scene (and season?), and an attempt at some distraction and photo-therapy...

I thought that I'd just photograph the friendliest of the passerines (there were lots of robins out), but the swans won me over (of course), and then people started throwing bread for the aerobatic black-headed gulls (causing chaos, competition, and conflict), and then the swans started preening, flapping, patrollingexercising their wings and legs, and practising take-off runs (together and separately), and generally making a spectacle of themselves... He almost crashed into her (as she preened) at the end of the run in my blip.
The light came and went (as did several rain showers), but I enjoyed experimenting with the exposurecatching the gulls' take-off splashes with fast shutter-speeds, and closely watching the swans making pretty preening shapes (in synchrony) in the shady shallows.

The others are all on Flickr here (or right from Robin close/up)

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