Untangling the tangle!

I spent quite a bit of time on this yesterday morning, hoovering away the accumulated fluff and even the spider hangouts (not in the computer) but in the cupboard where the sub-woofer still hangs out.  It's an ancient computer and I rarely use it, so it should be on its way out but somehow I have an attachment to it that some people have for cars.  There are very few photos left on it but it is linked to various back-up drives that I need to sort out, so yesterday I spent time re-sorting the cables so I can access the drives more readily from my laptop.  It feels like a major operation!  The thing is that I could loose most of the images and not really be worse off!

It was horrible outside, so a good day to choose and Ann was at church so I could disrupt the house without causing too many problems.

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