Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Seattle Spring for the 2500th

I am ready and looking for Spring today.   There's still snow around these parts.. and the islands....So we strolled with camera through the lovely garden on our walk.  But when I got the view from there of the bridges and canal heading out to Puget Sound, I  wanted that bit in there too!    So…. I made up this landscape from that place. (only an observant local might notice there’s no way it’s all in one picture)   Then sun did come out later but this morning it was still winter gloomy, with colorful signs of Spring!

And it’s # 2500!      Not 7 years quite yet.   I’m so grateful for this site.    Any “milestone” has me rethinking what it’s about and altho it’s always about a photo journal recording family (it’s the life of Fiona since she was a tiny baby!) and friends and events and places, I am forever hoping to make more photo artistry here too.  And so that’s where my computer time goes.. I do love and appreciate all you blippers who take the time to stop by and sprinkle stars and hearts and have mini conversations and I love looking at your journals!….I’m sorry I’m so bad at keeping track!  Social networking is not exactly my forte…. 

Edit: added the original base photo as the extra taken from the midst of the garden for any that are interested..... :-)

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