Evasive Mist

Sadly, time to fly home today.

Ludovica came out from behind reception to say Arriverdechi the Italian way, and got the bag boy to take my suitcase over the two bridges that separated us from Fondamente Novo, and the water bus to the airport.

It was a lovely morning. There was some amazing light illuminating the palazzi lining the canals but I couldn't stop to take photos.

Pigeons were breakfasting from crumbs on the pavement next to where we were waiting.

The vaporetto stopped at Colonna, on Murano. From there I could see that a mist hung over the lagoon from which the taller buildings in Venice were emerging.

One of the selling points of the trip had been the mists on the lagoon. It had been evasive all week. I was probably the only one in our party who did see this. I'm not sure what the church dome this would have been. The view looked south to the northern part of Venice proper.

I had a window seat on the plane. We flew over the islands and the areas being reclaimed for salt marsh in a bid to control water levels. Then northwards over the snow capped Dolomite mountains.

Really tired by the time I got home. Len had cooked spaghetti bolognese. Since I hadn't had meat sauce with my gluten free pasta all week, bolognese was acceptable.

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