In Which the Tiny Tiger Gets a Puppy

A small package arrived in the mail last week from a dear friend. When I opened it, I found inside a small, very carefully wrapped puppy figurine, along with a note that said, and I quote:

Your minis needed a pet. :-)
Love from
the other Boot"

Yes, I have a friend I call Boot. And she calls me Boot too. When we were office-mates, oh-so-many years ago at Penn State, we used to sing out to each other at the end of each work day: "Are you ready, Boot? Start walkin'!" Somehow, the nicknames stuck.

Anyhow, so it was that the Tiny Tiger got a puppy! We received the new critter with great happiness. How could someone know that the Tiger needed a friend?

I had intended to do a photo shoot on Saturday morning featuring the Tiger and his new pooch, but somehow Dexter barged in and became the star of THAT show. (As he often does.)

And so I decided to redo the photo shoot on a later date, which happened to be this day. There are many wonderful rescue organizations that arrange the transport of pets. And so we decided to tell the story of the puppy's arrival via such a narrative.

In this picture, Teddy the Transporter delivers the puppy to us in his ever-awesome and oh-so-stylish Austin Powers Volkswagen Beetle. The puppy, of course, has spent the entire trip (all the way from kitchen table to bathroom sink) with its head hanging out the window, enjoying the fresh air.

The meet-and-greet was a happy one, and of course there was one task that remained, which was (you guessed it): the naming of the new puppy. Will you be surprised to learn that we named her . . . BOOTS!?  :-) So . . . welcome, Boots!

The soundtrack to go with this whimsical image is Cat Stevens, with I Love My Dog.

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