Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


Another day for making the most of the walk across town in the morning sunshine, with the interplay of light and water in City Park being an enduring subject. I certainly needed a slight wind-down moment as a car had crashed into my bus ten minutes earlier - thankfully only the vehicles were damaged.

I set up this sort of shot quite often. What I'm after is some pleasing arrangement of shadows and silhouettes so I just wait for people to walk through shot and take a few frames at apposite moments.  The tricky bit this morning was getting something interesting in the foreground - this guy wins out because of his fine shadow, but the middle ground subjects to the right are a bit clustered. Still, this my favourite of what I came up with from a 60 second pause on my way up to work.

Tomorrow promises to be a monster day, as Wednesday's often are. I'm prepared, but in preparing have fallen behind in some other tasks so it looks like I need to put in another few hours tonight. Which will disrupt sleep, which will put me slightly off my game tomorrow...  Not a healthy cycle to get into and one which I've been much better at avoiding for the past few years. Hopefully just a temporary blip. Unlike this one, which should last.

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