a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Tiny Tuesday 93:  4810

My last meeting of the day took place only a few miles from the hospital in which my sister is currently staying, following her kidney transplant operation, so I took the opportunity to visit her this evening.  There was some sort of problem with Bristol's roads at that point in the evening: it took me the best part of an hour to travel the 3 miles to her hospital.  

I really could actually have walked there more quickly.

The frustration of the journey was however made up for by the sight that awaited me when I arrived.  Janet was sitting up out of bed and clearly feeling a lot better and happier with life.  So much better in fact that she insisted on showing me that she could walk (well shuffle really) up and down the corridor.  This is a tremendous improvement over the past few days.  Added to which, they are moving her off the Intensive Care Unit and into a normal renal ward this evening - so things are most definitely getting better.

By the time I had done all that, and made it home, back through the now less congested traffic, the evening seems to have disappeared.  So this is a quick "Hobbs style" shot - in his case it would be of a watch, but in my case it is of my fountain pen :-)

Apologies that I am not keeping up with your journals at present, my real life commitments have been a little bit pressing just recently.  I am sure things will get back to their slightly more sedate pattern in the next few weeks.

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