Think of a Number!


I forgot to say yesterday that while Miss L was in her swimming lesson Miss E was doing her maths homework. 
She was managing perfectly fine until the grown ups tried to help! Mrs A and I were just spouting random numbers at her which she thought was hilarious! A particular low point was when Mrs A ended up with 14.6 on her calculator and was trying to explain how (and why!) she got there but couldn't and just trailed off mid numbers!!
Realisation is dawning that Mummies don't know everything!!
Luckily Miss E got there in the end with the three problems. She takes after Mr K in the maths department!!
Today has been a busy day! From school Mrs W and I took Archie and the lovely Max (a beautiful four month old Vizsla) for a walk across the fields from Stowe. It was chucking it down and we got soaked and covered in mud! Nice to be out though. And lovely to spend some time with Mrs W - it's been ages.
There was just time for a quick cup of tea at my house while the dogs wrestled and we dried out then it was time to go and watch Miss L in a netball match. At Miss E's school!!
It was very odd to be at Miss E's school in my capacity as a parent of the opposing team!
I think the PE teacher may have thought it was a bit weird that I was there watching a Year 2 match as she'll recognise me as a Year 4 parent!!
Miss L remembers a lot of the girls from her taster days last year and she enjoyed seeing them all again. 
It was very sweet - not a real match but a succession of different skill tests with mixed teams from both schools. Followed by a match tea which is always good!
I had planned to bring Miss L home for a couple of hours before heading back for Miss E but ended up going to the cafe with Miss L and a couple of her friends. After a smoothie and a cup of tea it got to the point where there was no point in going home to have to come straight back again so we stayed until 4pm. 
Then, of course, Miss E wanted to go the cafe with her friends so we went back. For more tea and smoothies!
Archie accidentally head-butted me earlier as I was drying him off and my jaw/cheek/ear has been killing me ever since. After two hours in the cafe I was dying to get home, take some painkillers and crawl onto the sofa.
But there was just time to cook the Little Misses' dinner before heading over to Bicester for dinner with Miss K. 
A delicious meal cheered me up. It's been ages since I've seen Miss K and it was lovely! We went to a Turkish restaurant and feasted on mezze and kofte and mint tea. Perfect!
I drove home through the driving rain and headed straight for my bed. With barely a grunt at Mr K.
Some days I do nothing, some days I do too much!

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