International Women's Day 2017

Science Fiction is my favourite genre and I have read the short stories in this book many, many times and never get bored  -  the title itself  - 'Women of Wonder' - is an inspiration and very suitable for International Women's Day I think.  "From Ursula K. Le Guin to Joanna Russ to Octavia Butler, feminist sci-fi writers have been using science fiction to tell powerful stories about space heroines, female commanders and rulers, and general bad ass futuristic females that explore important themes of gender, sexuality, and race. They're stories from the female perspective, about the female perspective, and, as often is the case in real life, they're stories that end with the girl saving herself". See article HERE!  I've a whole bookshelf of Ursula Le Quinn's books -  I think I'll have to look through them and see what it is about her stories that fit me:) In the meantime Happy International Women's Day!

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