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By BlipCentral

Introducing the Blipfoto Community Blog

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve created a new blog, the Blip Community Blog, where you can get all sorts of information about what is happening in the Blip community. 

Our community co-ordinator, Michele, is really excited about the launch, so rather than us tell you about it here, why not pop over to the community blog  to read more. We’ve helped you by setting all your journals to follow this new Blipfoto blog. We hope you will want to continue to follow the blog, but if you don’t we understand and you can unfollow it at any time. 

Now that we have two official Journals form Blipfoto, the Blip Central Blog will be retained for messages from the Blipfuture Board, relating to the business and administration of Blipfoto.

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