Out on a limb

An email I sent to the British Heart Foundation today:

I went into the Oxford BHF shop today to buy some greetings cards and came out without cards and very upset. Why? The text on one of your cards was: 'She always gives me sound advice... 99% sound, 1% advice.'

I was staggered and assumed it had been donated but no, it had the BHF logo on the back.

We all swim in a sea of low-level misogyny all the time so it's easy not to see it but if you think I'm just a 'humourless feminist' (that's another bit of misogyny, by the way) please consider:

Would you put this on a rack if the same text was by a white person about a black person? Or by an able-bodied person about a disabled person?

Please get this offensive stuff out of your shops and shred it.

I took a picture of the card as evidence but I’m certainly not blipping it.

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