Plus ça change...

By SooB


Tonight is the first night in ages that we haven't put the stoves on.  Must be spring then?  

Mostly working today, though I think I'm a bit more getting in the swing of it (by which I mean, working when I should be working and not feeling guilty when I'm not).  This shot taken on a very brief wander round the garden to look at all the lovely flowers and the brave green shoots shooting up everywhere (not all of which are weeds).

In other news, CarbBoy was with the orthophoniste again, TallGirl got the last of her mock Brevet results and has the top result despite her shabby French grade (her words, not mine) and we accidentally had roast lamb for dinner (hey, some of the things in my freezer are badly labelled).

Sunny and warm today.  Warm enough for towels to dry in 3 hours outside. Which is not bad for March.  Hoping for two more days of the same before the next garden-watering weather arrives.

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